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H4H uses a full circle solution model. The graph on the right shows the exact steps we take to help women reach success.


Listed below are all the programs we have to offer. If you are interested in joining our program, contact us or click here.

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Housing Stages

Stage 1:
Temporary Housing up to 6 months.

Stage 2:

Indivdual Housing for 6-12 months.

Stage 3:

Permanent Housing for a year or more.

Programs 1


for children and youth

HOPE Academy After School Program

Our after school program is for our participants and their school age children.  We offer homework assistance, recreational activities, healthy snacks, psychological assessments/counseling.

Parent Training

Our parent training is designed to strengthen the skills of our mothers and their children through interactive workshops, group sessions, and family based curriculum. 

Programs 2

for Women and mothers

Reunification Program

Haven 4 Hope Inc truly believes in empowering and rebuilding families. Our organization works closely with all agencies; governmental, social services, and community organizations who support families with reunification plans.  We believe joining in together, we can support our families who need it the most on this journey toward stabilization. 

Maternity Program

H4H Maternity Program is a residential program that helps pregnant girls and women living in crisis. Our program provides a range of services, prevention and intervention, for young ladies and women in need of a safe and healthy environment during pregnancy and after the delivery.

Long-Term Housing Program

H4H is a 2 yr. stable housing program for women and women with children.  Our program is designed to provide supportive living for those experiencing chronic homelessness.  We offer a safe and heathy environment for families to regain their dignity and rebuild their lives.

Permanent Housing Program

H4H provides stable and safe housing for women and women with children who have completed the first 2 stages of the long-term housing program.  We provide wrap around support for families in using the Housing First Model. We encourage families to set goals to reach self-sufficiency, economic stability, improve family connectivity and improve on life skills to live out their best life!

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