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Incorporated in April 2014. Haven 4 Hope Inc. (H4H) is a 501(c)(3) status Non Profit Organization that services women and women with children with vital resources and services to completing their GED/high school diploma, higher education and /or trade training. Provide necessary training/skill building in parenting skills, self esteem and counseling services. H4H has also partnered with other agencies to provide homeownership/stable homes for the families upon completing the two year training program. The housing program provides the necessary one-on-one Certified Homeownership Counseling needed towards becoming a homeowner, as well as First-time Homebuyer Group Seminars and Workshops. These services are be provided on site and are combined with the partnered organizations.


Tawana Allen

Founder & Executive Director

The intended Mission of our One-Stop-Shop Servicing Center is to Educate, Empower, Encourage, and Inspire Minds by providing access to diverse Educational/training options, Post Secondary Education & Training, Small Business Entrepreneurships, On-site Job Opportunities, Career Job Placements, and SMART-Money Management & Asset Investment Tools, Non-discriminatory Homeownership Options/Home placement services. Once trained and certified through our partnerships, a cadre of Knowledgeable & Successful Homeowners will deploy back into Georgia's Society as Employable Working Professionals & Citizens, Registered Voters and Tax Payers, which will in turn improve their quality of life as Georgia’s citizens.

Haven 4 Hope Inc, (H4H) envisions our mothers and their children being a part of communities where safe and decent energy-efficient houses line the streets, educational programs and job services are available and responsive to the needs of individuals and families, while helping them become self-sufficient, overcome barriers towards economic up-lift through advocating for themselves and a voice of empowerment.

Our strategy is to work collaboratively with established entities with like interest and focuses to accomplish its mission by identifying, informing, and training the leaders of such organizations; Haven 4 Hope will be able to leverage its resources and impact. Issue Definition: Haven 4 Hope Inc, (H4H) will conduct a series of issue-defining workshops through partnerships, collaboration and steering communities as well as welcome the views of other agencies and government entities both on a local and regional level in order to identify both shared and unique challenges facing persons desiring a chance to be educated, trained and uplifted in become vital citizens, homeowners, respectable employees, and voters.


Coalition Building: Haven 4 Hope Inc, (H4H) strategy of working collaboratively with other organizations will be implemented through identifying, organizing, and bonding a coalition of “Organizational Partners” invited to share in the challenges and resources needed to improve and provide educational, training, homeownership possibilities, address adult and child literacy and educational services, create job opportunities for all, and leadership capabilities through their supporting organizations.

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